#LetsGetVisible heightens awareness of safe road use and respect for travel choices among all road users.


No matter how we choose to get to our destination - by bike, on foot, by bus, carpool, vanpool or driving our personal vehicle - we all share the responsibility of protecting one another's safety on our roadways. It's not about your mode choice. It's about joining the movement and making smart decisions about your commute. So whether we are headed to work, school or running errands, we're getting there together. 


Because we all agree, it's not a mode. It's a movement. 

Join the growing number of Smart Commuters in our region who are saving money and improving their health by making commute choices that help reduce traffic congestion, conserve resources and improve our quality of life in San Luis Obispo County. Use the hashtag #letsgetvisible on social media to share your commute experiences!